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Best Of 2020 - Poetry



Hey readers,

I thought it would be nice to have an end of year list of stuff that this blog wrote.

This is the poetry that we wrote this year.

I included a few great lines from the piece, and if you want to read it you can click on the link.

There will be a few lists like this for the end of the year.

I didn't include the whole poem because I figured that you guys could pick which ones you wanted to reread, or read for the first. Having all of the poems here, would be too much, I feel.

Thanks for reading.

Happy New Year.


Author – Greg Luti

This poem asks the question we were all asking at one point in the year. Am I an essential worker or not?

Am I a have-not?

Am I a nobody?

Do my contributions mean nothing? How important can I be if, in a time of crisis, I am rid of quicker than the trash?

Don’t you ever tell me or anybody that their job is non-essential.

Jobs take a man’s life. Some even more.


Poem 2 – Mellon Non

Author – Joey Carneiro

Here is a poem that Joey wrote about the Lord of The Rings. He did a great job with this.

Six books combined in three read end to end,

My humble thanks for there and back again.


Author – Greg Luti

With the election this year, we wrote a poem asking the question of writer’s even talking of the subject

Vote for me because that other guy is bad.

Hatred of the opponent is practically expected at this point.

Vote for me because I am great.

Which is also expected at this point.

Vote for me because I can help this country.

Which they all promise.

The other guy stinks.

I am great.

I can help you.

Did you get all of that?


Author – Brooke Smith

Here is a great poem about a mermaid by Brooke Smith. The whole idea behind this is very intriguing to me.

Do I really have what it takes to break free?

Or am I just being a little too emotional? I mean, how hard can it be to flee the kingdom of the sea?

Ugh, maybe my friends are right. I am being irrational…

But if I stay here, I will lose the best part of me....

My courageous heart will completely break apart,

if I don’t become who I actually wanna to be

It’d be nice to have a fresh start...


Author – Greg Luti

Here is a funny poem that I wrote to Halloween earlier in the year. I enjoyed writing this very much.

I say this to you Halloween.

Halloween, you’re overrated.

That’s right, I said it.

You’re overrated…

Like bananas.

They last two days and are not even the best-tasting fruit.

By the time I grab a second banana, they are all bad, and I am stuck having to go to the store getting another batch.

All style, no substance.

That is you, Halloween.


Author – Greg Luti

Here is a poem about 2020 that I think is fitting to end this list.

Because all you idiots knew what the hell was going on before the virus happened.

You were all well-informed, thoughtful, kind-hearted giving people.

We all walked around like philosophers of the past, asking questions of our world.

Pondering the existence of this all and seeking a better truth for all of mankind. Yeah, right.



Hey readers,

Thanks for the support over the year.

We hoped that you enjoyed some of the poems that we wrote for you this year.

As I mentioned earlier, there will be a few lists like this for the end of the year, so keep an eye out on that.

Also, if you want to read other poems that we wrote, you can go here.


Happy New Year


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