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I’d Give Myself An A - News


I'd Give Myself An A - News

Do you ever think about what books should be read in schools but are not?

Were you that one kid in the school who read books by F. Scott Fitzgerald, not called The Great Gatsby?

When the teacher skipped ahead in certain books, like Canterbury Tales, because of time, did you go home and read it on your own?

Did the books you carried outweigh your adolescent body?

The Beautiful And Damned

Did you ever reminisce about the great books you read in school?

The Odyssey is older than us.

And by us, I could mean a few things.

· Literally you and me

· This blog

· America

· The Church

· Caesar

· And more, but I am not going into detail here about that. You get the point.

That is how old the book is. I have to specify what I even mean by “older than us.”

You think of books in school a lot, ones that you have read, didn’t read, or pretended to read.

Don’t worry.

We have too.

I am happy to report that we, on Pens And Words, will be discussing books that should be taught in school as a regular feature called “Books In School.”

I am sure there is a blogger on a laptop at a café somewhere typing away on why you should be reading the current bestseller.

All the kids reading now, this is your chance to leave this site.

Close the tab and don’t come back.

Because we are going to talk about the one thing that scares kids more than monsters…


(And there goes all of the young audience)

Maybe this update is not for you.

You’re not a student.

You have no exams.

The last time you went by a school, Lincoln was president.

You’re not a teacher.

You have no degree.

Although you have been known to predict the weather right a bunch of times (that’s teaching right?)

If Books In School is not a new feature that appeals to you, then check these categories to find something you like.

  • News – That is this piece. What you are reading right now is news. Just info on what the hell is going on around here.

  • Reviews – Books are reviewed here. Mind-blowing, I know.

  • Op-Ed Pieces – Also known as long rants we have nowhere else to put so we decided to put them here because they have something to do with literature (we think).

  • Best Ever – Arguments for why an author or literary character is the best ever.

We have more things planned for the new year on the blog, so make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter to stay up to date on what is happening.

Thanks for reading!


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1 comentário

I cannot wait to read about these books! When I was in high school, I was lucky enough to have an amazing teacher that introduced us to classics. For me, reading Camus or Tess D'Uberville were revelations.

Good luck with the new series and I cannot wait to comment on the titles (and read them, because for sure I missed a lot of them :) )

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