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Lie - One Word Prompt


Lie - One Word Prompt

The word that you have to include in this prompt is "lie"


Lie is something that you can do at the same time in two different ways. I am lying to you as a lie in my bed. You gotta love this word.

Rules - (if you want to call them that)

  • Make the piece shorter than 1000 words.

  • It could be fiction or non-fiction.

  • You have to somehow in your piece refer to the word given.

Here are some suggestions for you to get going - (or that you can completely ignore)

  1. Tell the truth, because that is what you are all about.

  2. Lie about doing this.

  3. Lie about how much daily prompts help you as a writer.

What I would write with this prompt - (that would probably be wrong)

What would I write about? You are asking a writer what he wold lie about. Might as well ask a politician why you should vote for him. You'll get a shorter answer. Although that may be a lie too.

LIE is your one word for today's prompt.

Good luck with your lying.

You can leave your piece in the comment section below, or submit it here


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Greg Luti is an editor and blogger on He lied about everything for this prompt. Besides this. This is not a lie. Most likely. Ok, there is a 39.32 % chance he is lying here.


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