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Middle - One Word Prompt


Middle - One Word Prompt

The word that you have to include in this prompt is "middle"


Technical Definition - (given by

equally distant from the extremes or outer limits; central:

You never are the middle. You are in the middle. Why? The middle is a place. You can't be the middle. It sounds like you are giving yourself a title.

Rules - (if you want to call them that)

  • Make the piece shorter than 1000 words.

  • It could be fiction or non-fiction.

  • You have to refer to the given word somehow in your piece.

Synonyms to this word - (in case you don't want to write about this one)

Here are some suggestions for you to get going - (or that you can completely ignore)

  1. Be in the middle of it all. (You should probably decide what "it" is before)

  2. Talk about being the middle child. (This is for the middle child's out there)

  3. Skip this word, because you don't deal with words that are found in the half of something. You are either on one side or the other.

What I would write with this prompt - (that would probably be wrong)

Isn't there that Bob Dylan song about being in the middle of something? I'd reference that in my piece. Although, now that I think about it, that song sounds like Bob Dylan, but isn't actually him. Hey, it still has the word middle in it.

MIDDLE is your one word for today's prompt.

Be in the middle of it, a middle child, or a songwriter. Whatever you do, get to the end of this prompt. Ending in the middle of this doesn't help you.

You can leave your piece in the comment section below, or submit it here


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