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Show - One Word Prompt


Show - One Word Prompt

The word that you have to include in this prompt is "show"


Show can be used as either a noun or a verb. You can watch a show. Or you can show me what you are watching. It's up to you. Kind of like these prompts. Aside from the whole side of me telling you what to write. That is not up to you.

Rules - (if you want to call them that)

  • Make the piece shorter than 1000 words.

  • It could be fiction or non-fiction.

  • You have to somehow in your piece refer to the word given.

Here are some suggestions for you to get going - (or that you can completely ignore)

  1. Mention how you follow the rule of "Show Don't Tell" (you can discuss how you break it)

  2. Talk about your favorite TV show

  3. Bring up an item you'd bring to "Show and Tell"

What I would write with this prompt - (that would probably be wrong)

I don't know. Oh... Can I say that as the prompt giver? Oh... I ..... I would write a very creative and compelling work of fiction from this prompt. Yeah. That sounds believable.

SHOW is your one word for today's prompt.

Use show as a noun. Use show as a verb. Or create your own language and don't bring up the word show at all. Although, creating a whole language from this prompt seems a bit much.

You can leave your piece in the comment section below, or submit it here


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