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Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Coffee Shop


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Hey readers,

We are going to feature some coffee shops for you to check out. Writers live on coffee so this only made sense to us. If you ever go to any of these places let us know.

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Literary Quote

“‘Why did you do all this for me?’ he asked. ‘I don’t deserve it. I’ve never done anything for you.’ ‘You have been my friend,’ replied Charlotte. ‘That in itself is a tremendous thing.’” — E.B. White


Short Poem

Despite The Storms By S.C. Lourie

Despite the storms,

beauty arrives like

it was always going to.

Despite the darkness,

the light returns.

Despite your loss,

your heart will be

full again.

Despite the breaking,

your heart will feel

like it belongs in the

land of joy once more.

This is how it will

always be. Keep living.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Coffee Shop

20 W 29th St., between Broadway and 5th Ave

Surround yourself with the remarkable cast of real-life characters who regularly visit Stumptown in the lobby of the Ace Hotel. It's great cause I always need a few characters for my next book, so I like to take from an interesting person that I meet, since that can easily get me a few more chapters for my work-in-progress. Oh, I mean, I like talking to the characters there, too. Add abundant seating, and USB-equipped tables to that mixture and you’ll be powered up both electronically and creatively all day long. Abundant seating is something that I can't have enough of, yes, I am the type of guy who likes to put his feet up when I am typing up my blog. It's relaxing and rude, but I love it. Having USB-equipped tables change everything because what I am going to do if my laptop dies? Write my words in a notebook by pen? That's madness. Oh, wait. I probably shouldn't be the guy who says that.

 Times :



Don't be an asshole and be at the door at 6:45 AM demanding that they open it for you because you are so busy with your life. That is not cool, dude. Don't be that guy.

Here is an item that you may like.

This organic blend has been a hometown favorite since day one. It’s got the complexity to pour a great espresso yet the versatility to serve as your daily cup of drip.

Holler Mountain - $16

This has been a favorite since day one, so you know that it is good, and not some weird item that they are promoting because they found some in the back of the store, and needed to get rid of it.

I can imagine that this is one of the flavors that the veterans of this place point out to the new workers. "Yeah, that is Holler Mountain. It is a big seller, so pay attention to it. People love that stuff."

Now for the question that matters, the only reason that you are reading this post, what would we get, as we ramble on about book theories and complain about modern writers? We'd go with the French Roast. We personally like that flavor, and we know that Stumptown knows how to do it right. Although we get a weird urge take over Europe when we drink too much of it.

Now, since I have had too many cups of coffee, I might as well ask, "How much French is too much?" If we order in french a french roast with french vanilla creamer while reading french poetry, is that too much? Probably. As long as we get the right roast we are good.

The site says that their French Roast is "big and smoky, and never burnt" That is actually the same thing that women have said about me after our first date. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Now, we were about to end this post and get on with our day. When we found that Stumptown has a special coffee mug with a frog on it.

If this doesn't make you like this place, then you never will. Then this place is not for you. Because a frog playing a guitar should be enough to convince anyone to like this place. Also, this looks like the cover to a children's book. Like the frog goes around and plays the guitar to everyone in his swamp for whatever reason would make sense to a kid that is reading it.

They have a blog that talks about themselves and what they are doing. Check it out, if you want to stay up to date with their latest news.



Hey readers,

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