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Mermaid Liberated - Poem


Mermaid Liberated - Poem

Do I really have what it takes to break free?

Or am I just being a little too emotional? I mean, how hard can it be to flee the kingdom of the sea?

Ugh, maybe my friends are right. I am being irrational…

But if I stay here, I will lose the best part of me....

My courageous heart will completely break apart,

if I don’t become who I actually wanna to be

It’d be nice to have a fresh start...

I don’t think anybody would notice my daily absence,

but what if somebody does and gets me in trouble?

Nah, I probably will be on the other side of the hemisphere when that happens…

I am ready for the hustle and struggle

I am smart enough to explore on my own,

Am I? Which way is East? West?

Atlantis is the only place I ever known…

but it has left me feeling so depressed

Why should I go back there? It is more like a strict prison

I am done with keeping my rebellious spirit hidden

Women like me receive no genuine respect from King Triton

He does not know what is he missing

I am so glad I am finally doing this

I am escaping this dreadful life of humble obedience,

Heading somewhere that could fill me up with bliss

Wait, who is that girl with such beautiful radiance?

And what melody is she singing?

Can it be?

Is this what I have been wishing?

Would she befriend a mermaid like me?

I must follow and see

Why is she seducing men who are fishing?

Oh God, it’s a killing spree

She is a siren. What was I thinking?!

I could never be best friends with a siren

I should just turn around and leave

before the men starting dying

Harming mortals is something I don’t believe

I have a choice and so does she

It is time to make it right

Justice is the key

Hope she is prepared for a fight


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