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2020 Resolutions For Writers - Op-Ed Piece


2020 Resolutions For Writers - Op-Ed Piece

The new year, 2020, is here.

Let us all look back on the past and think of what could have been.

What if you had lost some weight? (Someone had to say it)

What if you had read more? (Books, wiki pages don’t count)

What if JFK had not been killed? (Sorry, that is too far back)

What if Sarah had stayed?

Then we would have worked things out.

Maybe even had a family by now.

I mean, I know her dad doesn’t like me, but still, we could have made it work.

Instead, she is with Gary because he has money, but I know I can treat her better.

Sure writing, doesn’t pay the bills, but money isn’t everything.

Plus I could have…

Sorry. I kind of got sidetracked there.

What were we talking about?

2020, right.

All writers have resolutions for their works.

The wannabe Shakespeare’s, the hopeful Austen’s, the pathetic Poe’s.

They have resolutions.

For their words, of all things.

It turns out, writers are people too.

I know, I didn’t believe it either when I first learned the news.

I still think that all blog posts, or internet rants, are actually written by trolls who never come out of their homes under the bridge.

Trolls are truly talented wordsmiths and their ability has been lost by the world.

It is a real tragedy, like that of the burning of Alexandria.

So here are some resolutions for that idiot bard in your life.

He still didn’t get me that gift card.

· Finish that novel

· Freelance full time

· Finish that other novel

· Get a literary agent

· Finish that other, other novel

· Secure a fellowship

· Finish that other, other other novel.

You know what, I am going to summarize every writer’s resolution for this year and every year afterward.

Finish that damn novel.

And now I’m going to go all Vince Lombardi on you writers, who say that you want to finish the novel, but don’t mean it.

Come on.

Be tougher than that.

You think these words are gonna write themselves?

That story will appear out of thin air?

That plot will just happen?


You gotta work hard to finish your novel.

Give it your all, every time you sit down to write.

And don’t tell me, you can’t.

The world doesn’t judge a writer on what he could have written, only what he has written.

It’s too hard.

I don’t have the time.

I can’t do it.

No excuses.

Excuses are what losers use when they can’t win.

You’re gonna finish that novel, no matter what it takes.

The first thing I need from you, is for you to believe it.

Finish the damn novel.

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