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Burning Desires Interview - About A Book


Burning Desires Interview - About A Book

For this interview, I interviewed author Chris Bedell about a recent book he published.

If you like the interview, make sure to check out the book too.

Burning Desire book by Chris Bedell

What is the title of your book?

The title of the book is BURNING DESIRES.

What is the genre?

The genre is Thriller.

Who is the audience that would enjoy it most?

Readers who enjoy New Adult books (the book is New Adult—fiction for 18-30 years old). There is also crossover appeal to readers who enjoy Thrillers and soap opera type stories. 

Why do you think a reader would enjoy this book?

Because BURNING DESIRES is a fun, twisty, soapy Thriller. And it’s been described as a “beach read.” Sometimes, readers just need a break from reality and to be able to enjoy some escapism.

What is the plot to it? (You can give a general theme if you want)

BURNING DESIRES is a family saga involving identical triplets, the mafia, sex/human trafficking, assumed identities, fortunes, lies, and secrets. BURNING DESIRES picks up right where the previous book (BURNING BRIDGES) left off. Two people have been kidnapped, and it’s a race against the clock to find them before they're killed.

How did you come up with the idea for the book? What inspired it?

I was a big fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s CW TV show RINGER (2011-2012). But it was cancelled after one season. But I wanted to do something different. So, instead of writing about identical twins, I decided to write about identical triplets. Imagine the drama that could ensue from three people who looked exactly alike. And I’m also a big fan of Thrillers like GONE GIRL, so that’s why the book is a Thriller.

What is the name of the protagonist? What is he or she like?

The name of the protagonist is Sasha. Sasha tries to be a good person, but isn’t stupid. She realizes that sometimes “good” people have to do “bad” things, and that the ends sometimes do justify the means if the situation involves protecting people you love.

What is the name of the villain? What is he or she like?

The main villain is Riley (really Katrina). She was born third, and her parents gave her up because they were expecting identical twins, not identical triplets. So, Riley has some resentment towards her two sisters Sasha and Lola (really Riley). And Riley has quite the criminal portfolio. Her crimes include arson, kidnapping, attempted murder, murder, just to name several examples.

Is there a theme to the story?

Just that life is rarely black and white. So, a lot of life is therefore morally gray. And it can be fun to see how far characters will go to get what they want, and whether or not readers believe the characters are justified.

Is this book inspired by another that you wrote, or read?

Not really. Just thrillers like GONE GIRLor the Pretty Little Liarsseries. There’s something fun about a thriller.

Chris Bedell

Is this book a part of a series?

Yes. BURNING DESIRES is the second book in my BURNING BRIDGES Trilogy. BURNING BRIDGESis Book 1.

What are you looking forward to when publishing it?

Publishing a sequel. BURNING DESIRESis my first sequel that’s being published, and I look forward to continuing the story that began in BURNING BRIDGES.

Have any fun facts or stories about writing it?

The novel rotates between four different points of view. Every scene/chapter has to count. So, there’s never a dull moment while writing the book.

When will this book be released?

Monday, November 2, 2020.

Where can a reader get it?

On Amazon as an eBook and paperback.


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About The Writer

Chris Bedell's previous publishing credits include Thought Catalog, Entropy Magazine, Chicago Literati, and Quail Bell Magazine, among others. Chris's debut YA Fantasy novel IN THE NAME OF MAGIC was published by NineStar Press in 2018. His 2019 novels include my NA Thriller BURNING BRIDGES (BLKDOG Publishing), YA Paranormal Romance DEATHLY DESIRES (DEEP HEARTS YA), and YA Thriller COUSIN DEAREST (BLKDOG Publishing). Chris's 2020 novels include my YA Thriller I KNOW WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED (BLKDOG Publishing), YA Contemporary I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN (Deep Hearts YA), YA Thriller BETWEEN LOVE AND MURDER (Between The Lines Publishing), YA Thriller THE FABULIST (BLKDOG Publishing), YA Sci-fi DYING BEFORE LIVING (Deep Hearts YA). His 2021 novels include his YA Thriller LOVE HIM/HATE HIM (Between The Lines Publishing). Chris also graduated with a BA in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2016.


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