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Does Michael Jordan Really Care Who Is President? - Op-Ed Piece


Does Michael Jordan Really Care Who Is President? - Op-Ed Piece

Your vote for the president is a crucial matter.

Nothing to scuff, or take little regard of, and it is why this blog, this literary blog where we favor book reviews and author spotlights, is taking a few moments to write about the damn thing.

We figure the fiasco is only every four years, so we should be set for a while after this one.

And if we want to be completely honest with you, we don’t even know if this blog will be here in four years.

I mean, we hope so, but you never know.

Voting is probably the most many of you have in participating in the government.

It is the power you have as a citizen.

To tell the guy who is in that he is out when he does not do the job you voted him for.

You should exercise this right in order to keep a healthy awareness of the politician’s actions and a good pulse on the country’s directions.

If you don’t vote, then don’t complain about who is in.

You didn’t have a say in it, so be quiet.

To truly exercise this right you have, I’d advise that you follow politics year-round, rather than only the last month before the presidential election.

If you are better informed of the process, you can make a better decision, one that should benefit you and the country.

If you ignore politics and only show up when the presidential debates a candidate, then you are already playing with fire.

bag of money

You are the person who shows up to the Super Bowl party without ever watching a game.

You are attending the book club without reading the book.

You are going driving to a place you’ve never attended without ever looking up its address.

Sure, you can do this.

But don’t’ be upset if you make the wrong decision.

Don’t go shopping for presents on Christmas Eve and then complain that it was stressful and you didn’t get everything you hoped to buy.

Most of the rich people in the world have most of the power, most of the actual say, most of the voice.


Are they the most intelligent of us all, showcasing their genius for us stupid people?

Do they understand the world on a much deeper level than us ignorant folk?

No. It’s money.

Money is the answer.

They have most of the money.

They can build homes and schools that cost millions of dollars without blinking an eye.

They can buy enough followers, so we actually think that people find them interesting (even though we don’t)

They can hide their dirty deeds so that no one ever knows of them.

Those sick, perverted things that us ordinary people try to overcome and avoid, in order to help ourselves, friends and family, are brushed under the rug by these wealthy ones.

They have so much money that if the average person who is happy with a quarter raise in their limited paycheck knew how much they actually have, we’d flip out.

The recent riots would be seen as minor compared to these riots, as even the police would be on the side of the rioters, displeased with their financial situation.

Property money is what I call it.

Owning a mansion with a theater, a pool, too many bathrooms, and neverending bedrooms.

So much money that after you are impressed by its sheer size, you realize two things.

  1. This person is making way too much money. Nobody needs that much money. If you are a history nerd like me, you’ll even bring up how these people have as much money as kings and queens did back in the day, but without any of the burden of the kingship.

  2. You will never make that much money in ten lifetimes. Your father, his father, his father, and so on, never made all that money. Wealth is not a privilege you and most don’t have.

Property money; it’s what the celebrities and rich folks have.

They are so rich that calling them rich is an insult.

It is enough to make you sick to your stomach, feeling an uneasiness in your soul, and possibly even a disturbance in the force, seeing how one person can have so much in this world, yet another can have nothing and live on the streets.

That person is not any dumber than the one in the mansion, they are not worth any less as a human, yet we all look up to the mansion guy and never even notice the homeless guy.

“He failed.” Is what we say of the cart-pusher, rather than seeing that the game was rigged against him all along.

If the money distribution was a pizza pie, one person at the table is eating seven and a half slices while everyone else at the table is left to fend for the last half slice.

I fight you for a crust.

You hit someone for an extra pepperoni.

Someone else cheats to get some cheese.


Because we need food.

We are all starving.

And frankly, my life is the life I am worried about over yours. No offense.

If I die, then that is game over for me.

If you die, then I can still play in this game of life.

It’s harsh, but it is the unfortunate reality we find ourselves in.

And that fat pig over by the other end of the table is full from his seven and a half slices, barely able to eat anymore.

We’ll all so busy beating the shit out of each other over crust, pepperoni, and cheese that we fail to see the unfairness of it all.

Billionaires, whose names I am sure that you know, make more money in the same the time you are done reading this then you will make in a month.

Possibly even a year.

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, heck you can even include Michael Jordan to that list of people who make too much money.

Billions of dollars.

That is with a b, not an m, which I am sure most of my readers can’t even tell you what a million looks like.

Don’t worry, neither can I.

When Jeff Bezos goes to sleep at night, do you think he worries about who the president is?

Does a president being blue or red really affect Warren Buffet?

Why should Mark Zuckerberg care who wins the election?

There are some in this world that make so much money that it begs to question of whether they even care about the results of the election.

Sure, you and me do.

We don’t have a billion dollars in our hands.

I don’t live in three mansions.

You don’t have a garage for all your vintage cars.

Voting is the only way we can impact any of this.

If you made all that money, that property money, with your big pool, theater with surround sound, multiple mansions, would you be interested in politics?

Or would you be separated from it?

More thoughtful of the business you own, rather than the country you live in?

Somehow trying not to get involved with the debates and the advertisements?

All the controversies, all the scandals, is when you keep your mouth shut.

Because the company is ahead of the country.

The country can burn as long as the company is in the black.

Profits of the company mean more than the people of the country.

The margins of the last quarter matter more than the margins in the election.

Does Michael Jordan care more about selling shoes than who is president?

Is Elon Musk more concerned with going to Mars than who wins?

Was Bill Gates thinking more about Microsoft updates than the election?

Why should any of them even be interested?

As long as I keep buying stuff from Amazon,

Which I do

Or I keep stocking my closet with Jordans,

Which I plan on doing

Or keep checking into Facebook,

Which I am doing right now,

What difference does it make who is in the White House?

Since it seems to me that the real power isn’t in my vote anyway.


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