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I Am The Guy You Read Long After I’m Dead - Poem


I Am The Guy You Read Long After I'm Dead - Poem

As I walk this earth my words are not read or heard. None of my books ever sell any copies. No audience lines up to read me. In fact, I never get so much of an audience at all. My contemporaries outsell me and I am never on the bestseller lists. My very parents left after my first book. I struggle just to get the finances to put my books into print.

I wrote much in my early life. Oh, how I wrote. I wrote so many words, of so many topics and emotions. Yet, I got nowhere. No money to keep me afloat. No advances to help my writing career. No offers from anyone. Only the disappointment of my own wasted effort. So I gave up my writing for a more consistent paycheck, believing my words were behind me. I was wrong. You all found me on the side of an empty road, dead in my tracks, and you revived me like I needed CPR. CLEAR! CLEAR! And I was back. You gave my ancient words new thoughts before them. My stories new life I could only dream of. My books held a cultural significance they didn’t have before. I am more popular dead than I ever was alive. Now you all speak of me as a classic, but if you only knew how I gave it up. If you only knew, you’d read my words very differently.


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