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Looking For Writers To Interview - News


Looking For Writers To Interview - News

We here at Pens and Words know what it means to be a writer.

You think about words in rhyme, out of verse, and every other type of word.

You ponder of your next story and make up an excuse on why you aren’t writing your current book.

(It’s cause you are busy. You swear!)

You may even criticize society’s current state of literature.

No one reads novels anymore, and then actors make all the damn money from your book.

Does the actor write the novel?

Does the actor create the story?

Does the actor make the world that the audience loves?


Yet they get the big check.

All that work, all those words, and not even much money for the writer.

Damn you, world, for not appreciating the genius of the person’s work you are reading.

You all would rather praise the pretty actor who knows of inflection and arm motions.

We get writing.

It’s what we do.

Aside from all those political rants we made and those few other pieces that don’t seem to have anything to do with writing.

Besides that, it’s what we do.

And one thing we get that writers hate is promoting their work.

They are called writers, not promoters.

cup of coffee

You spend how many hours on your book. (a lifetime is an understatement)

You edit it so many times that you forgot. (I stop counting at 100 edits)

You save so many documents that you are unsure which is the right draft. (I’m taking a guess and saying that the document is titled “THIS IS THE LAST EDIT – SEVENTH TIME, FOURTH SAVE, USE THIS USE THIS”

After all that, you now need strangers to read your book.

Strangers who you probably wouldn’t talk to if you met them at the supermarket.

Oh, and those you know on Facebook who you haven’t told much about your book, and they will be surprised you even wrote a book.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you in years, I never really said much to you when we hung out, but do you mind buying my new book? It’s a…. really good?”

Promotion for a writer sucks.

Which is why we decided to add author interviews to this blog.

Interviews where a writer can introduce themselves to the audience to let them know that they exist, are alive, and they are writers.

Interviews for a book that a writer wants to talk about.

And even book previews for a book that a writer is working on.

We will do our best to go forward, helping writers get the word out on their works.

If you are a writer and want to tell the world about yourself, contact us here, and we can arrange an interview with you.



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