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Mellon Nin - Poem


Mellon Nin - Poem

Six books combined in three read end to end,

My humble thanks for there and back again.

Fellowship of nine forged to bear His Ring,

Isildur's Bane laid on not one but all,

But one in the company carries this thing,

A hobbit who stands less than tall.

Unlikely as it seems in Middle-Earth,

All that is strong is not only of size,

As darkness gives a hobbit's will wide berth,

Men lack the will and that is their one demise.

Yet a hobbit alone can’t do it all,

'Tis why he needs a fellowship in tow;

Who would guide and give wisdom at a call,

Or shoot cave trolls and orcs with his great bow.

Tolkien knew and wrote it all too well,

That one alone can easily be upend’d,

Two can make a journey to that of Hell,

Three can save Gondor from being rend'd.

The burdens like the Ring are all too real,

When we bear it alone shadows will come,

'Tis not fair for souls to give way and kneel,

To Mordor's dark shadows that come therefrom.

Burdens are not for you alone to bear,

The next house down may have all that you need,

So in dark times like these do not you fear,

To tell your friends and neighbors you're in need.

Six books combined in three read end to end,

My humble thanks for there and back again.


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