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Nicked - Poem


Nicked - Poem

I’ve nicked my heart as much as I’ve nicked walls.

Are the scars as prominent as the scratches on my wheelchair?

Are they hideous like I’m imagining?

Are they as bad as the damaged sheetrock?

Are they bigger than the chucks I took out of the doorway?

What should I do?

Oh, wait. Sorry. My glow has blurred your vision.

It’s all you see and want to see.

You love my inviting warmth so much,

that any flickering and dimming throws you off.

Maybe I need to be a shooting star rather than a guiding star.

When your world is darker, you always count on me to make it brighter.

I mean it is flattering and I’m glad I can ease your mind,

But are you worried about the radiation at all?

I have sadness and anger that runs through me like poison.

Oh, my bad. You are too busy draining my energy.

Where do you think I get my boosts from?

The darkness rejuvenates me; It covers imperfections

I enjoy having breaks from radiating positivity.

So don’t fret over the dimming of my mood

I have put their needs before mine, even if it drained me

So I wouldn’t mind more respect when I have cloudy days,

or when I have something serious to say…

Why does my disability always block you from seeing all of me?

It’s not like I hate being known as Little Miss Sunshine.

Causing smiles drives me wilder than going full speed on a beach.

I just want to speak without having my words soaked in glee and glitter,

but you only admire my sweet melody of courage and love.

There is more to my symphony than high notes; You might enjoy it.

You don’t need my light to find a way out, Sweetheart.

You’re the one who dug the tunnel. Why should I keep getting myself dirty?

Call me selfish or whatever you please,

I have nourished souls like Heaven’s flowers for decades.

I am trapped and I want to get out

I can’t scream any louder

Hello?! Hello!

Is anybody there? Can anybody hear me?

Of course not, I am shielded by the light


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