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Pact - One Word Prompt


Pact - One Word Prompt

The word that you have to include in this prompt is "pact"


Technical Definition - (given by

an agreement, covenant, or compact:

A pact is an agreement. What is an agreement? It's when you agree on something. How do you know when that happens? Probably when the words on the paper run out and everyone leaves the table.

Rules - (if you want to call them that)

  • Make the piece shorter than 1000 words.

  • It could be fiction or non-fiction.

  • You have to refer to the given word somehow in your piece.

Synonyms to this word - (in case you don't want to write about this one)

Here are some suggestions for you to get going - (or that you can completely ignore)

  1. Make a pact with yourself about something important.

  2. Make a pact with a complete stranger about something not important.

  3. Ramble on about pacts and how they help the world. Put on your philosopher hat for this one.

What I would write with this prompt - (that would probably be wrong)

I am switching out pact for a synonym as soon as I can. I don't like the word. I feel like a word like arrangement or convention gives me more freedom. When I hear the word pact, people are wondering why I am not writing about Englishmen drafting a document on human rights or something. Pacts have to be important and large in scale. An agreement doesn't have to be like that. So I guess what I am saying is, that I would skip this prompt.

PACT is your one word for today's prompt.

Good luck with drafting that political document. Remember slavery is bad, and freedom is good and somehow in the future people will try to mess with the very document you are writing.

You can leave your piece in the comment section below, or submit it here


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Greg Luti is an editor and blogger on He is pretty awesome at making pacts with people. He doesn't want to brag but forming pacts is definitely one of his top skills, alongside not losing the remote and finding rare items in Fornite. If he was ever on a ship with people he wouldn't want to write about human rights.


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