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Something You Lost - Writing Prompt


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Hey readers,

We got a quote from a classic novel and a new writing prompt for you today.

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Literary Quote

“Tomorrow I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day.” — Margaret Mitchell

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Something You Lost - Writing Prompt

Here is the writing prompt for today: Write about something you lost that you’ll never get back.

For those of you who want to a photo:

For those who want a challenge: Include the writing prompt and the photo prompt in your story. That means you have to include the prompt of losing something you can't get back and the photo prompt in your story.

Literary quote challenge - See if you can include the literary quote above in your story somehow.

We hope you enjoy this prompt.

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We may even include a few quotes from the piece in a future post.




Hey readers,

Nothing to add here, but the regular stuff.

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