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Stream - One Word Prompt


Stream - One Word Prompt

The word that you have to include in this prompt is "STREAM" STREAM This prompt is for all of those people who are streaming every movie and television show that they can find. Are those people going to ever read? Do they know what a book is? No, because they need to watch Saved By The Bell. Blame streaming for when your favorite author doesn't sell any books.

Rules - (if you want to call them that)

  • Make the piece shorter than 1000 words.

  • It could be fiction or non-fiction.

Here are some suggestions for you to get going - (or that you can completely ignore)

  1. Write this as you stream.

  2. Go in-depth about how streaming has changed you. And I mean give every detail, like how Melville took a chapter to write about rope. That level of detail.

  3. Mention that there are other streams out there in the world, like rivers. (Which just so happen to contain the very thing we all need to live)

What I would write with this prompt - (that would probably be wrong) This is a tough one. I don't know what I would write for this prompt. I'd skip it and read the one for tomorrow, or one that I like. Oh... I probably shouldn't have told you that. So what are you going to do? Write a prompt as you stream another show, give unwarranted explanations of streaming, or give rivers their fair due. Whichever you do, try to enjoy it, and not get too distracted by the TV.

STREAM is your one word for today's prompt.

Good luck with your writing. And please try not to skip this.


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