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Survey Says Shakespeare - Best Ever


Survey Says Shakespeare - Best Ever

Who is the best writer ever?

It’s Shakespeare right?

The best writer of all time is William Shakespeare.

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“Is he though?” You ask.

“Is who?”

“Shakespeare! Is he the best writer?”

Oh…. I thought we were done with this. Can’t we just agree he is the best and move on?

I want to go to lunch, and I am sure you have something else to do.

“But is Shakespeare really the best ever?

Like really…

Just think about it…

Is he?”

There are other great writers.

Frost wrote the most famous poem ever.

Rowling is the most famous author alive, so that has to count for something.

Tolkien helped to define what we know as fantasy worlds.

Shakespeare is the greatest, but is he really?


Yes. He is.

Is it because he is quoted more than any other writer?

Is it because he was so good people think he is fake?

Is it because his books are required reading in schools?

Is it because movies can’t stop taking from his works?


It’s because when you say something poetic, people will call you Shakespeare.

something poetic quote shakespeare pens and words

“Oh looks like little Johnny over there is trying to be Bill Shakespeare.”

If you quote a poem, that sounds like it would be from a dead guy, people will think it’s him, even when most times it is not him.

Like Invictus (which is by a William, but not the one I’m talking about)

If you go out on the street and ask someone to name a writer he will be the guy they name.

Not Poe and his raven, or Frost and his road, or Rowling and her witches, or Tolkien and his elves. It’s William and his words. That’s what people know.

William Shakespeare has become what the world thinks of when we think of a writer.

How we should sound.

How we should act.

How we should be.

He is the standard. It doesn’t matter if he is worthy or not.

I look at it like Family Feud.

100 people surveyed were asked, “Who is the greatest writer of all time?”

The number one answer on the board is William Shakespeare.

Who cares about the love sonnets, the witty quotes, the timeless plays, the renowned tragedies? That is irrelevant to the answer.

When you are the person that most say is the best, then what exactly makes you not the best?


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