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The Candy Killer - Short Story


The Candy Killer - Short Story

There is a wanted man out on the run that has created quite a stir among the people lately.

Creating fear, causing uncertainty, and making the masses panic due to his acts.

I’m sure you know of this man or have at least heard of him.

As a person of culture, who is up to date on the current workings of the world, I’d be surprised if you didn’t know anything about this unusual individual.

This man is known because he only leaves a piece of candy at the crime scene, besides the corpse he killed.

The piece of candy that you have as a snack during the day,

That you enjoy for its savory flavor is a calling card for this murderer.

It is a warning to the police.

“You can’t catch me, so here is a treat for you coppers. Enjoy as I get my next victim.”

This sicko doesn’t care about snacks or flavors, but of alerting the authority of their own inadequacies.

This maniac of these crimes, this nut of these murders, must think it is funny to leave candy after killing his victim.

Funny, like a joke that you would tell your friends at a party.

Like the joke your favorite comedian tells.

Like that rant of your co-worker telling the truth about your workplace.

pile of candy M&M's

Cause I guess a person’s stomach being stabbed is quite hysterical.

A stranger suffocating is really quite amusing.

And I get a chuckle from a person being shot in the face.

A warning and a joke.

Not a snack and a flavor.

That is all that the piece of candy is to this twisted man.

Authorities are not clear on who this man could be.

His victims are not related.

Not family or friends of each other.

His methods are not associated.

One was stabbed, another was choked to death, and another was shot.

His locations are not the same.

One was in the park, another was in the street, and another in the back of an alley.

This psycho is all over the place, and the cops can’t figure him out.

All they can go off of is that piece of candy left at the scene of each crime.

So far, there have been three killings in the past two weeks like this.

And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better for the poor cops.

Lisa Shelley was a 24-year-old college student who was found dead in the local park after being stabbed to death.

The killer left a Twix bar by her corpse.

Charles Revin was a 53-year-old construction worker who was found dead on 3rd street after being choked to death.

The killer left a Snicker bar by his corpse.

Briana Niher was a 35-year-old shop owner who was found dead in the dumpster of a back alley after being shot.

The killer left an Almond Joy by her corpse.

The news has started to call him the Candy Killer, as the candy seems to be the most notorious part of his behavior.

That is when the fear, uncertainty, and panic started to creep in.

Every news outlet talked of this so-called Candy Killer, the man who killed his victims with chocolate.

They all did their jobs by repeating the same thing while talking differently.

Candy Killer; One Man Or More? – Our investigation into the candy killings

A Killer Of Candy Or A Killer Of You? – Why you might be the next victim of the candy killer

Why The Candy Killer Has Nothing To Do With Candy Or Killers – An insider’s take on the effect of the killings on our society. A shocking reveal.

Some even went as to say that the man was right for his placing of the candies was a statement against the prominence of the sweets in our society.

As if the killings are not of corpses but as messages sent to the world.

Sonnets that are to be deciphered and interpreted by the masses, eliminating sympathy that a person could have for the unfortunate victim.

chocolate candy bar

The news found profits in the novelty of the idea, so they exploited every option out of it as they could, making some even question if the world even wanted the guy to be caught.

People will die regardless of the killer’s presence. Death will happen to us all. Be it today or in the future. Whether by accident or pre-meditated? What is the harm if one man doesn’t get caught for a few crimes? Perhaps the victims themselves were to blame for having led a corrupted lifestyle, and they got what they deserved.

Lisa Shelley cheated on her boyfriend.

Charles Revin stole from his job daily.

Briana Niher abused her partner every day.

The killer is helping everyone by eliminating these people from the world.

Or so that is what some desperate news outlets said, after the newness of the crimes wore off, and the people were no longer interested in a man who killed people with chocolate.

All the coverage, whether beneficial or not, was for the Candy Killer.

That is not what I would call the guy, but whatever, I am not the one writing the articles or creating the headlines.

The killings did require the police to ask questions of the murderer.

Is there a connection between the variety of sweets and the man’s motives?

Does he leave certain sweets for certain crimes?

Or does the candy represent specific locations?

Would someone really be that random with everything, yet deliberate with his placing of a snack?

Why does someone do such a thing?

He doesn’t know the people.

He isn’t killing them in the same way.

He isn’t doing it in the same location.

What is he saying beneath it all?

What causes a man to be that disturbed, that off, that messed up?

Is there a statement being made by the killer, or is he sick in the head?

And more importantly, they asked questions about the capture of the man.

What could we do to prevent further actions?

What measures should we do so that he doesn’t commit again?

Should we shut down the parks?

Should we monitor all candy purchases?

How do we stop this man?

Can he not be on the hunt right this moment?

Going after his next victim that is unlike the others, in a new way, at a new location?

Or maybe we are too late, and the killer, the Candy Killer, is already on to his next victim, and the best that anybody can hope for is to find the next victim.

I’m not sure really, but for now, I am going to leave a piece of candy right here for you.


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