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Themes For October - News


The blog is going to start to have themes for each month going forward.

All that means is that there will be poetry and short stories and op-ed pieces related to those themes.

Poems of free-verse and rhymes,

Some that are free verse.

Some that are rhymes.

Some that are neither.

Short stories that are short and sweet,

Some that are only sweet,

Some that are only short.

And some that are neither.

Op-ed pieces that are well-thought and well-written.

Some that are well-thought

Some that are well-written

And some that are neither.

All three of those features will still be on the blog.

But with a theme.

A roadmap, if you will.

A compass that points us in the right direction.

Do we always go where we are supposed to go?

Do we always use the map?


That is why we are writers.

If we were planners, we’d you know, be planners.

Last time I checked, I enjoyed writing, not planning.

So we won’t just sit around with our favorite mugs with witty lines of our daily mundane struggles and decide that writing a piece about Shakespeare’s relevance or Tolkien’s influence would make for a good article.

I mean, I have nothing against the process of spontaneity, to let the dice decide the game, but it is kind of all over the place.

As I said, I don’t do planning, but I can’t be a complete mess either.

The room doesn’t have to be clean, but it is time to clean up when I trip over my laundry.

When we don’t know what we are going to write, then yeah, it is time to plan.

We’ll still be writing articles and pieces that are not theme related too.

So if you find yourself not interested in the theme for that month, you can still have things to read.

Next month is October, so that will be all about the holiday of Halloween and the presidential election.

We love Halloween and horror stories here. Heck, we write them for the hell of it.

I am already buying my candy and have a Cthulu story I am working on.

We also acknowledge that basically everyone is going to be talking about the election this coming month.

So much that people in other countries who know nothing about America will say, “Oh yes, that American election is going on.”

We are already getting our scary stories together, and we’ll try not to be too biased when it comes to the election.

We are a literary blog first and foremost, so the themes we present will always be through the writer’s lenses.

Whether we are talking about Ol’ Billy’s tragedies, J.R.’s hobbits, or the leader of the free world, we put our passion toward literature first.

If you want to have a specific theme for a month, you can suggest one to us by messaging us on one of our social media pages.


If you do like this post, please share this on social media. It means a lot to us. Thanks.


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