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Update On Coronavirus For This Blog - News


Update On Coronavirus For This Blog - News

You’re thinking about it.

I’m thinking about it.

We’re all thinking about it.

Coronavirus. Or COVID-19.

Who has gotten it? (and how did they get it?)

How will it spread further? (Can it?)

How will it change our lives? (No more work for the time being)

We are all wondering how this disease will impact our lives.

We have not seen anything like this before in our lifetime.

A nation stopping everything to confront an enemy.

Businesses stopped, workforces re-organized, and daily routines altered as our retaliation towards the enemy.

That last time this happened, Hitler and his war machine were trying to take over the world.

Now who is the deadly enemy?

How do I identify them?

How do I see them?

How do I eliminate them?

You can’t just say to someone, “See that guy with the mustache? Shoot anyone who supports him.”

The best you hear is experts telling you to stay inside and wash your hands.

But that is like being told the only way to get rid of the monster is to lock the doors. It won’t work.

You have to confront him and chop his head off.

And then make sure he never returns.

It is the only way.

Hope without action is pointless. Hope is only good to prolong an action when the individual is out of energy and fails to see the benefits of completing the action.

The fear of the unknown has led us to become more worried than we have ever been.

Now when you see someone you think, “Do they have it?

Am I standing too close to them?

Did I wash my hands in the past five minutes?”

All questions never thought of before the outbreak.

Fear of something like this can create paranoia that will need drastic measures to be undone.

As we fight this disease, we can’t make an enemy of each other.

I want you to know there is still a truth in all of this.

The sun will still rise tomorrow.

The sky will still be blue.

And this will pass.

One day the virus will stop spreading.

People will stop dying.

And you will be able to go back to your lives.

As all things do pass, so too will this virus.

So let’s stop worrying so much, and know that we are not fighting a losing battle, but rather a strong opponent.

We here at Pens And Words want you to know that we aren’t going anywhere.

If this virus thinks it can stop us writers, it has another thing coming.

We’re writers.

We wake up in the middle of the night because we think that our dream would make a good story.

We take hours to edit one line, and then delete that line in another draft.

We have interviews with made-up characters in order to develop them more.

What is a virus to a writer than another shot of inspiration from our bottle of ideas?

Our love of storytelling outweighs our fear of the virus.

So we’ll keep reading books, from bestsellers by new authors, to classics by known ones.

We’ll keep writing posts, like our op-ed pieces on literature, and our fiction not related to it.

We’ll keep this blog alive.

For you, to keep you entertained through this crisis and to keep your spirits lifted, and for us, to keep us sane during this because we need a place to put all those thoughts we have.

Rest assured that you’ll have a place to read for short pieces during all of this.

We all at Pens And Words wish you the best during this time.

Thank you for reading, and stay safe.


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What are you going to read during this crisis?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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