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You're Not Even Going To Read This - Op-Ed Piece


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Hey readers,

Here is a piece that I hope that you actually read, but I wouldn't count on it.

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Thanks. Enjoy reading.


Literary Quote

“She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.”

Annie Dillard


Book Deal


Writing Prompt

Write a piece about that thing that you were doing while reading this.

The best responses will be featured in a future post.


Literary Meme

Original meme found here on Cheezburger


Book Giveaway

There will be no book giveaway for this month.


Social Media Shout-out

Julian Alexander decided to give us some details on the books in our Facebook page photo.

The one with red spine and gilt letters, is easily from the 19th Century. A few others look old, but most from the mid 20th Century. No d.j. covers. Then, there is leather volume, red and black on spine, also from 1850's or before. From broken set. European volume.

Thanks for the interesting description of the books.

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Actual Pen


Writer's Birthday

All of these writers were born on April 9th.

Information found on Born Glorious


This Day In Literature History

Literary-related events that happened on April 9th.

  • 1833 -1st US tax-supported public library in Peterborough, New Hampshire

  • 1928 - Eugene O'Neill's "Lazarus Laughed" premieres in Pasadena

  • 1976 - "All the President's Men", directed by Alan J. Pakula, based on the novel by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward detailing their Watergate investigation, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, is released


Literature Fact

Sherlock Holmes never said, “Elementary, my dear Watson”.

Fact found on Fun Facts About


New Book Release


Literature Trivia

In the last piece, we asked what three categories are Shakespeare's plays divided into?

They are comedies, tragedies, and histories.

Today's question: Who wrote Paradise Lost?

Come back tomorrow for the answer.


You're Not Even Going To Read This - Op-Ed Piece

I am not going to bother with you, the reader, right now, as I write this because I am on to you, reader. I know you and your crooked ways. I learned your tricks and illusion. I know your game. You don’t fool me. You will only read about one-quarter of this and then leave. Apparently, these words aren’t that interesting for you to stay around and chat with, which is fine with me. Go tell your other thing that you are looking at, like that show on Netflix or that app with that game you are addicted to, that I am really okay that you picked them over me, and my words. It’s not like I was hoping you would stay or anything. It’s not like I care if you really read this. No, I’m fine.

Please don’t leave this blog yet. I mean, I get if you read this whole thing and then complain about it for some reason. You don’t like an op-ed piece written. That thing about the literary classics was out there. You don’t read short stories. But no… You don’t even read this piece, and then you leave. It’s like we had a one-night stand because you didn’t even stay around… Okay. Okay. It may not be like a one-night stand at all. But you know what I mean. How could you, reader? I thought we were friends, or you know, whatever a stranger could be to a blogger who writes random rants like this. But you skimmed through this whole thing like it meant nothing to you.

Admit it. You didn’t even get to the link about the pens. You left after the writing prompt. You stopped before this piece even got going. I’d be afraid of what I would say to you just in case you were to leave and never read this, but it seems that you have beaten me to that punch.

In a world where everyone’s attention span is that of a peanut, we all get so offended so quickly. Why are we so upset about things that we only give half of our time to anyway? That show said something mean! That movie was too much! That blog was offensive! You mean that show you watched while running on the treadmill texting your friend about your dinner that they canceled on you? That show offended you? What when you decided to look up from your phone? Or were you upset with that movie you slept halfway through, only to wake up at the climax and not get the whole impact of the reveal? Yeah, you got pissed that they ruined the movie for you (or worse, your sleep), Or did your annoyance happen during that reading of the blog that you didn’t really read? Those few lines that you read must have really gotten you going. We are all ignorant and self-absorbed in our own lives, and yet we all can’t stop complaining about others. It is easier to complain about some stranger you don’t know than actually look in the mirror and see your own faults. That is too sophisticated for people today. That would require actual effort and attention, which is hard to find. And if you do find someone who has both, would you recommend this blog to them? That would make the potential readership like ten people, but whatever.

Let’s stop pretending that this is about some great read you are searching for to bring some insight or enlightenment to your life.

You want something to pass the time during your social media updates and random site visits, and you don’t even care all about the site that much, or any site for that matter. You are moving on quicker than the morning news. As for me, I only want you here so that the numbers I go over get me paid. You’re an impression. A site visit that a report reveals. I am your distraction for the brief seconds you are here, and you are my excuse for still being here.

You never read this all the way through. You never were going to. So go ahead, go back to that show now, or that update, or whatever else occupies your time. You can get on with your day now since that is really all you wanted to do here anyway.



Hey readers,

I don't expect you to get this far.

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Thanks for reading.


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