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Best of 2020 - Op-Ed Pieces



Hey readers,

This is the last best-of lists for the stuff on the blog.

This one features all of the op-ed pieces that we wrote.

We hold our hat on this sort of stuff; on the articles about literature.

I included the most amount of posts for this list, as compared to the other lists.

The other two lists were poetry and short stories from the past year.

Thanks for the support.

Enjoy the lists.

Happy New Year


Author – Greg Luti

I think this question still pops up for people to answer so I am including it here.

The question is …

Art vs. artist?

What should you value?

The art, or the book?

The artist, or the author?


Author – Sarah Beach

I love how unusual this piece is. Like Sarah just decided to give me a bunch of literary memes for the hell of it. They are really funny too.

Just by choosing the picture and the words, a memer can criticize, discuss, summarize, analyze, and otherwise explain their opinion about any subject, including literature. Honestly, why don’t college professors let students put memes in their essays?


Author - Greg Luti

You guys seemed to have enjoyed this piece about Scrooge getting a raw deal.

Then the Ghost is really a prick to Scrooge and shows him two themes: as if we are learning about Greek Mythology. They are Ignorance and Want, and Scrooge is made to feel wrong about them. As if those are his fault.


Op-Ed Piece 4 – Writing Is Rewriting

Author – Anastacia Walden

Anastascia has a great passion for writing, and this piece shows it.

I start to rewrite. I allow the creative part of my brain to bring me more wisdom. I channel the words that I hope will fully convey my feelings. I trust my message will come across the page as I intend. I read my edits the next day. Some of it is better. The words take me back to that place, to that time, and I am fully in that moment again.


Author – Greg Luti

This is a question that I will probably be asking when the time comes around again.

National Poetry Month is the kind of thing you’d expect this blog to celebrate.

We can give you a new poem every single day.

Post something on social media about the month being so cool.


Author – Sarah Beach

I had to include a piece about an Irishman here. This is a very entertaining read by Sarah Beach.

Wilde, as an Irishman, seems to have taken his position from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean very seriously. The story is a subtle, biting, and witty commentary on both English and American culture.


Op-Ed Piece 7 – Writing About Love

A good read by Anastacia Walden about love. The passion in her words is great to see here.

Follow along with me as I lead you to consider the life of Louisa May Alcott. She never married, yet she wrote of love. Is this too hard for us to imagine? Did people assume she knew not of the powerful force of love merely due to not having a permanent man in her life and her bed?


Author – Greg Luti

I really enjoyed writing this, as I hope some of you enjoyed reading this. To make things worse, this upcoming February will have a theme for the whole month. That means love related stories for a whole month here. That sounds exciting. (That was sarcasm)

The guy in me doesn’t mind the holiday so much.

I like chocolate. (all of them)

I like women. (most of them)

Women like getting chocolate on the holiday, so I like that.


Author – Alonzo Cortez

I was very happy to read the mentality that Alonzo Cortez had through this year. It is one that many of us can learn from.

However, there are blessings for those of us who have been fortunate enough in the ongoing pandemic. In times like these, it is extremely important to be grateful for life itself, as tomorrow is never promised.


Author – Greg Luti

I included this piece here, even though it is not an op-ed piece because I like the message of hope that I wrote about. Everyone was so down on the year, so I thought I’d share this, on why the year can always be good, even when it is bad.



Hey readers,

That is it for the year-end lists.

Here they are again.

Best of 2020 – Op-Ed Pieces – (this piece)

Thanks for the support over the past year. We appreciate any time that you take to read our posts here.

We hope that you come back and continue to enjoy what we write for you.

Happy New Year


If you do like this post, please share this on social media. It means a lot to us. Thanks.


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