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Best of 2020 - Short Stories



Hey readers,

Here is the second end of the year list that we made for stuff on this site.

These are the short stories that we wrote.

The first list, in case you missed it, was the poetry we wrote here.

We will have another post to end the year for our op-ed pieces and then we will get back to writing about literature and books.

If you want to read some of our more popular stuff, you can go here, since that is different content.

And if you have any questions or comments, you can always contact us on our social media pages, or here.

Happy New Year


Short Story 1 – The Belief Of Evil

Author – Greg Luti

This was a piece that I wrote for Halloween and I gotta say that I enjoyed writing a creepy story for a change. Most of what I write is not like this.

“You know the story of true evil?” He spoke up.

"Eh? Do you, son?

I’m gonna tell you that evil is out there.

It preys on us all.

Guns to kill our own brothers,

Chems to drug up our innocent bodies,

Lies to deceive our feeble brains,

All so, we all go a little crazy.

Evil exists, and don’t you not believe it.”


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Short Story 2 – The Phoenix and The Cave

Author – Alonzo Cortez

Here is a short story by Alonzo that I enjoyed, and I am sure you will too.

I live, eat, sleep, pursue my dreams, start paying off my debts, and the moment I hear or sense that burn of the wooden char, I know it is time. I know it is time again to wake up in that same damn cave over and over again.

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Short Story 3 – Making Turkey

Author – Greg Luti

Some of you mentioned that you enjoyed reading this story about a woman making turkey.

He sat back down on the couch in the other room. “We may have a causality at Thanksgiving this year.”

“If it is Uncle Vinny, then that is fine. Or cousin Zach, or that annoying little kid that Benny and Jenny always bring over.

“That is their kid.”

“Oh. You know, the more I think about it, having Gina make the turkey this year may be a blessing in disguise.”

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Short Story 4 – The 10th

Author – Alonzo Cortez

Some of you said that you enjoyed how eerie this story was, and I agree.

Three months ago, they all had disappeared on March 10th. Out of the teenage population, 10% have mysteriously disappeared. In a class of what used to be eighty-five people, there were now less than forty. Both Kevin and Amanda went, no trace whatsoever. The cousin of my family friend, Elijah, gone as well.

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Short Story 5 – The Night Christmas Was Canceled

Author – Greg Luti

This Christmas story is one that I am sure that you will enjoy if you haven’t read it yet.

The other slightly younger-looking elf, Van, sat with his feet up on the table chatting away to the wall, “All I am saying is that he is vague with naughty and nice. That’s all. I get it. The whole world is a lot, but some guidelines would be nice, is all.”

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Short Story 6 – Happiness and Santa

Author – Greg Luti

I am including this here because this was my favorite short story that I wrote this year.

I got tired of the back and forth with the stranger and sat that quiet for a while. I tried to ignore the stranger and hoped he would leave me alone and walk away, so I never had to see him again, but he didn’t. He sat there, admiring the trees that were in front of us. And for some reason, the guy thinks he is actually Santa, not some mall replica of the guy. He must be on some pretty good drugs. I then remembered what I put on my Christmas list this year.

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Hey readers

That is the second list of our recap of the year.

Here is the first list, if you missed it.

You can check us out on Facebook and Twitter, if you ever want to let us know what pieces you enjoyed. We included the ones that got good feedback from you this year, so we are definitely listening to what you guys have to say.

I am going to try to write more short stories this coming year, as compared to poetry. And I am going to encourage the other bloggers to do the same as well.

And one last thing, let us know if you even like this idea of the best of lists for this blog. Maybe some of you would rather read a piece where we recap our year, or you want us to act like any other day here. As I said, we’ll try to listen to what you have to say about what you read. Thanks.

Happy New Year


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